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SOS Tactical Load Bearing Equipment Vests

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SOS Marine: SOS Tactical Load Bearing Equipment Vests

SOS Marine`s purpose-made these tactical equipment vests designed to withstand demanding operational requirements by giving the wearer excellent manoeuvrability whilst carrying their required equipment. SOS designed a load bearing vest to cater for a female employee concerning OH&S for the Australian Federal Police. This required the moving of her equipment from the waist belt to a vest.

Tactical Load Bearing Equipment Vests

Design features

The vest is manufactured from highly breathable, heavy duty 250D polyester providing ventilation for the user.
Several pouches are custom-designed for special working requirements.

• The vests are available in small and large sizes and have sufficient adjustment to fit most users and to fit over ballistic vest.
• Number 10 heavy duty Zipper.
• Quick release key loop with eyelet.
• Includes a 3 litre drinking bladder (hands-free) in the rear of the vest.
• First Aid pouch, upper vest rear.
• Mesh Cargo Pouch, lower vest rear.
• 2 Zippered Map pockets, Radio pouch, left rear.
• Small GPS/Utility Pouch with lanyard point, upper front left.
• 2 Battery / Phone / GPS / small torch pouches lower front left.
• Large Notebook / Utility pouch with side access pen pocket right.

Managing Heat Stress in workplaces
Heat stress is a medical emergency.

SOS Marine recognises how important it is to stay hydrated, particularly when working outdoors. Often it is not convenient to access a water source.
This Tactical Vest is provided with an optional 3 litre personal hands-free hydration system which is place in the rear of the vest rear.
In an emergency situation, there is a quick and easy ability to immediately replenish your team’s water supply by refilling the water bladder.
This simple innovation assists the carbon footprint associated with bottling and transporting plastic water bottles.