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SOS Marine – Survivial operations specialist

SOS Marine plays an important role in purpose-designed safety equipment for many diverse customer applications. The company is constantly working on new projects by researching and developing products that suit challenging working environments.

SOS Marine products have been trusted for over 30 years and continues to deliver new innovations with a proven track record internationally established and synonymous with quality and high performance.

The company`s strength lies in design-assist capacity providing customers the ability to match affordable equipment with their requirements by developing and implementing new equipment for workplace environments. This is achieved  from design to manufacture

Our experience provides flexibility to be adaptive with a wide range of design customisation of products, from the basic design to the most complex, often unique to the market-place; several of SOS  Marine`s products are NATO approved and hold world-wide patents

SOS Marine`s capabilities are aligned with the current and future needs of marine professionals modernisation options.  The company has strong relationships with some of the world`s leading component suppliers allowing us to provide a large range of variations of quality designed products with “outside the square thinking”.


Photo below of Ross Spencer, managing director of SOS Marine beginnings.

SOS Marine - About Us

SOS Marine is an Australian owed company. We have evolved from being a retailer who fitted out over 90% of Sydney Harbour`s 18 footer fleet, two of the world`s Maxi Racing class yachts and Australia`s leading shop fitter using marine grade stainless fittings.


The company then progressed into manufacturing for the Australia` Department of Defence for the past 20 years. SOS Marine is a major supplier to Australia’s Defence Forces including the period contracts to supply to the Royal Australian Navy with inflatable life jackets.


SOS Marine independently achieved the Quality Assurance level of ISO 9001; this has been used to design specialised vests for the NSW Police Department’s Bomb Squad.

The company was the major manufacturer for Australian Army Directorate of Capital Procurement for the supply of the new Large Field Packs. We have completed a 25,000 contract for the Large Field Packs. All products were delivered within the required time framework.


For over 30 years, SOS Marine has continually looked for ways to improve and develop new products for the marine professionals. SOS Marine has designed and manufactured innovative custom designed safety & rescue equipment products for various marine professionals including specialised safety equipment for 20 Defences Forces world-wide:

  • Royal Australian & New Zealand Navy
  • Special Forces SAS
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • Coast Guard & Marine Rescue
  • NSW Maritime
  • Search & Rescue SES
  • Fire-Fighters
  • Helicopter Rescuers
  • Oil & gas industries
  • Professional Marine Pilots
  • Fisheries
  • Border Force/Customs/Immigration
  • Salvage teams/Barge, Tow & Tug
  • Police Air Wing
  • Australian Water Police
  • Australian Federal Police, and the Northern Territory Police, such as tactical load bearing vests, gun holsters and vests with inflatable life jackets, to suit the challenging working environments in which they operate.


As border patrol and home security have become higher priorities in Australia and other countries, so has the demand for equipment that allows officers to operate efficiently with safety as a major factor.


SOS Marine designed a specialised Load Bearing Jacket incorporating an Inflatable Life Jacket for Australia’s and New Zealand Marine Border’s Protective Departments, such as Police, Customs, Immigration and Navy. As well, SOS Marine is the sole supplier of Waterproof Drop Bags used for air and sea conditions by Australia’s elite Commandos and SAS Regiments.


SOS Marine has also closely worked with the Australian Navy’s Diving Clearance Teams, designing and manufacturing two styles of low magnetic signature diving buoyancy compensators for the Mine Counter Measures and Marine Tactical Operations.


SOS Marine has won many prestigious awards, including International Award of Excellence in Safety and Protective Products, Engineers award for Welfare, Health & Safety product and an Australian Business Awards for Product Innovation.

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