Purpose Made Projects – SOS Marine



SOS Marine – Purpose made Projects for Challenging Working Environments

SOS Marine play an important role in designing products for a diverse range of customer applications by developing products to suit challenging working environments.

Typically, a potential customer approaches SOS Marine with a need that is unable to be fulfilled from the existing products available in the market-place. Equipment is designed and manufactured in response to this need. On meeting the technical requirements, the product is finalised and ideally the customer proceeds with an order.

SOS Marine equipment is trusted for reliability, range and quality.

Olympic Bags – Australia’s official Olympic Uniform Bag

Bridge Climb – Custom designed Medical Pouches and Mesh Inserts

Owen International – Custom designed Radio Transformer Bags

Cool Kit– Custom designed Hydra Pac, Ammo Pouch, shot gun Sling

Axel-Mano– Custom designed seat belt webbing TOTE bags

Comalco Aluminium- Fluro Yellow Mesh Life Jacket Vest with reflective COMALCO

Active Air- custom made Air Conditioning Ductwork

Bakers Construction & Industrial: SOS Bunk Bag

Beach Culture: TOTE Bags, Large Beach Bags

Bechtel Australia Pty. Ltd: Custom designed Workman`s Vest

ADI Ltd: Yellow Buoy Marker SOS-9931