SOS Marine – Little Ripper ULB Rescue Pods SOS-5701


Rescue Pods called (ULB`s)- ULB stood for `you little beauty’ something those in need of rescue would say when they see the rescue pods. They are ready-to-go for rapid deployment.

• The Rescue Pods (ULBs) contains a platform that provides enough flotation to supports 3-4 persons. It inflates automatically.
• The Rescue platform automatically inflates when dropped into water with a self-contained disposable CO2 inflation system -water activated.
•  An Automatic SOLAS light for night rescues and SOLAS grade high visibility, retro-reflective tape.
• The lightweight Rescue platform are reusable and re-packable by using a 33 gram replacement cylinder and activation cartridge.
• They combine inflatable Rescue platform, optional electromagnetic shark deterrent device, SOLAS lights and large sea anchor to stabilize and reduce drift.
• Everything needed to give you that extra little bit of help until someone comes along to rescue you including a GPS position provided by the drone.


Rescue Pod News

SOS Marine Little Ripper
Lifeguards testing out new drone technology in Australia have saved two people stranded off the coast of New South Wales state, as spotted by Quartz.
SOS Marine - Rescue Pod
Little Ripper life saver from SOS Marine nominated for DAME Award. An innovative search and rescue product from Australian manufacturer, SOS Marine, has been nominated
SoS Marine - The Little Dipper
The Little Ripper Life Saver Rescue Pod was developed by Australian rescue specialists and has been short-listed for this year`s 26th Design Award METS (DAME)