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SOS Marine`s Rescue Pods SOS-5701

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SOS Marine`s Rescue Pods SOS-5701 

The Rescue Pods called (ULB`s) designed by SOS Marine-ULB stood for `you little beauty’ something would say when they see the rescue pods. They are ready-to-go for rapid deployment.
Developed by SOS Marine, consists of a small parcel (or Pod) containing water rescue and safety devices for deployment.

The Rescue Pod-deployable, self-inflating, water-activated floatation device.

SOS Marine` Rescue Pod (ULB)

SOS Marine has designed the Rescue Pods.

• The Marine Rescue Pod (ULBs) markers are ready for instant deployment packed into a portable valise-compact.

• When dropped from the Drone within seconds of immersion it inflates and stands 2.0 metres long.

• The Rescue Marine Pod (ULBs) inflates automatically when dropped to the person and capable of holding 3-4 persons.

• It can also combine an electromagnetic ‘Shark Shield’ deterrent device.

• SOLAS lights, SOLAS reflective tape.

• A large drogue/Sea Anchor (120cm circumference x 60 cm long) to stabilise and reduce downwind drift allowing the patient to grab and hold.

• It is reusable and replaceable only requiring a 33 gram replacement cylinder and an activation cartridge.


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