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SOS Boarding Party Police LifeJacket Vest

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Design Features

The SOS Boarding Party Police Life Jacket Vestis a 275N or 150N inflatable lifejacket complies with ISO 12402 and incorporating a safety harness that complies with ISO 12401-2009.


Designed to fit over body armour and have pockets and pouches tailored to suit the mission profile. The life jacket vest design is easily donned with a front upper and waist-belt. The vest is constructed from the highest quality materials and components with a high resistance to abrasion, high UV and saltwater environments.• The Boarding Party Vest has an inflatable life jacket which is designed to be housed in an around the neck collar valise the body of the Vest is a breathable durable nylon mesh.

• The vest uses a heavy-duty zipper fastening at the front and is then tightly secured to the body with an adjustable waist belt.

• The adjustable waist belt has blackened 316 grade stainless steel interlocking style buckles.

• Detachable reflective department ID strip is optional.

• Webbing loops to secure radio cords and cabling.

• Internal touch tape attachment points for issue duty belt.

• Easy access storage space for tactical baton, communication equipment, medical kit, torch.

• Custom designed pockets have been provided in the vest to house note pad and personal items. Additional pockets and pouches may be added or deleted during manufacture to suit the requirements of the department.

• Fire arm holsters may also be built into the vest during manufacture.

• The vest/lifejacket is fitted with a manual-inflate system, which the wearer may manually inflate the chamber via a CO2 gas inflator on the bottom right-hand side by pulling on the yellow toggle on the right-hand side. The wearer may also inflate the buoyancy vest via the oral tube on the left-hand side.

• SOLAS light has been fitted and is located on the front chest area. It is activated upon immersion in water and if necessary may be turned off during daylight.

• SOLAS grade reflective tape is located in a minimum of 6 places on the supper side of the buoyancy chamber.

• The vest incorporates a 3 litre SOS Hydra Pac 3 litre personal hydration `hands-free` system.

• Removable reflective or subdued lettering may also be applied.

• 150N and 275 Newton buoyancy bladders, manual or automatic inflation system.

• Side-adjusting tension webbing for multiple size fitting ensure a snug fit size.

• Adjustable crotch straps are housed in an internal secure pocket of the vest.