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Marine Pilot Load bearing Life Jacket

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Approved to ISO 12402-3, 150N Buoyancy available in ISO 12402-2, 275N Buoyancy. Custom made to carry different safety requirements including, Laser flare, strobe light, EPIRB, GPS and a radio.

•Approved to ISO 12402-3, 150N buoyancy & also available in ISO12402-2, 275N buoyancy.
•Custom made to carry different safety requirements including,Laser flare, strobe light, EPIRB, GPS and a radio.
•Load-bearing vests are available with either touch tape orYKK approved zipper bladder clos ure.
•All vests have a front zipper fastening closure tightlysecured to the body with adjustable side straps and a securingwaist belt with either an ISO approved stainless steel or ISOapproved plastic interlocking approved buckle.
•Attaching D-Ring next to the buckle, or double webbing loopscan also be requested in production.

•There are two options for inflation of our Pilot vests-Manual and Automatic versions. You can upgrade fromManual to Automatic. The wearer can also inflate thelifejacket via the oral inflation tube on the left-hand side of the bladder. Caps to prevent auto inflation are also available andfor the marine pilots that are transported by air.
•Detachable backpack for storing files, iPad etc. is available
•HYDRATION – a 3-litre drinking bladder for water can befitted to life jacket to assist hydration in the workplace(OHS)
•The outer shell is tough 500-denier CORDURA® nylon fabricand has SOLAS reflective striping on both sides.
•The valises have black wet suit material around the neck forcomfort and to eliminate sticking to the neck when wet.
•For constant breathability the vest is manufactured using non-stretch hardwearing polyester mesh.

•As standard, all bladders are fitted with a SOLAS flashing signallight, activated when immersed in water and a pea-less whistle.
•SOLAS grade tape is located in a minimum of 6-8 places on theupper side of the buoyancy chamber.
•A lifting grab handle/ becket with buddy line is also internallyfitted on all models.
•All our Pilot vests are fitted with our cylinder bracket thatgreatly reduces the risk of cylinder vibration, which couldcontribute to unsuccessful inflation.
•Note that some model vests are available with an externalindicator window with a protective clear panel for viewingthe Pro-Sensor inflator indicator for quick assessment ofthe status of the lifejacket, this is strongly advised to bechecked by the user prior to boarding.
•Our jackets are built to last. With constant care and servicingwe expect 5 years of service depending on usage and workconditions.

The valises have in black wet suit material around the neck for comfort and to eliminate sticking to the neck when wet