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SOS Marine: SOS Professional Dog Harness Vest

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For the Professional Working Dog

SOS Marine is an Australian manufacturer of custom designed Professional Dog Harness Vests.

The dog safety protection vests are designed to meet and defeat a variety of environmental, occupational and natural challenges that affect the performance of working service dogs.
The SOS Dog Harness protects and identifies professional service dogs for the Police Dog Squads, Customs, Military, Security and Fire Fighting Recovery teams.
These harness-vests serve as a first layer of defence against potentially dangerous environments. They can be optionally equipped with ballistic armour to protect vital organs and designed in varies colours. The protection vest are manufactured from the same types and quality of materials used for human protection.

SOS-5199 – This Ballistic Lifting harness designed for the Dog Squads.
The panel is manufactured to defeat pointed edged objects and instruments.
This harness is quick and easy to fit and allows your dog to move totally unrestricted.
The harness holds snug to the dog’s body and has handles on top for tactical placement.

SOS-5199-5 –Fire-Fighting-This harness is designed for special fire-fighting missions.
SOS-5148 – Super Tough Dog Hander Lead features, two black oxide stainless quick release buckle, tough tubular 24mm webbing with internal 6mm shock cord, 8 mm nylon quick-release cord.
SOS-5199 – High Visibility Harness.