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E E Foam Vest SOS-5022-NSN 4220 66144 7093

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E E Foam Vest SOS-5022-NSN 4220 66144 7093

Meeting the toughest demands:

• Rescue Operations
• Amphibious Operations
• River and Coastal Patrol
• Assault River Crossing Operations
• River Rafting
• This vest comes in camouflage colours defence green, orange or black, it is purposely designed.
• The lifejacket is housed in an around neck collar valise which is attached to the vest.
• The vest has a zipper fastening at the front and is then tightly secured to the body with an adjustable waist belt. The buckle is a hard plastic click locking style.
• Pockets have been provided in the vest that incorporates a 3 litre SOS Hydrapac `hands-free` personal hydration system, radio pouch on the back and general cargo pocket magazine pockets on the front and two groin straps are also provided.
• The vest also has zipper detachable sleeves.
• Designed and manufactured to withstand the most demanding tactical situations.
DURABILITY The vest woven fabric air textured yarn is water repellent, water proof and fame resistant. The Vest is good for UV protection. The material used in the construction of the life jacket is designed to withstand prolong usage in salt and fresh water.