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SOS-Lifting-Harness High Vis SOS-5393

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SOS Marine: SOS-Lifting-Harness High Vis SOS-5393

The SOS lifting harness is designed to be attached to the mesh vest to give the user an unequaled level of flexibility in both marine and shore based work environments.

The lifting vest is designed to be housed in an around neck collar mesh vest. The vest has a zipper fastening at the front and is tightly secured to the body with an adjustable waist belt.

The vest allows the harness to be incorporated into, or removed from the vest, as required by the user. When combined, the vest allows the user to don and adjust both the harness and the vest in 30 seconds. SOS Marine Lifting Harness is designed to be attached to mesh vest.

Harness SOS-5251H tested to AS/NZS 1891.1.1995.5