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SOS Fire Rated Life Jacket SOS-5022 +SOS-6354

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 SOS Marine has 30 years industry experience and the capacity to design-assist specialised safety equipment for the most demanding work-place requirements.

Designed especially for the A.R.F.F. Water Rescue Fire Proof Cover -Product Code SOS-6354
Designed especially for Australian Navy -Fire Retardant Lifejacket -Product Code SOS-5222

The high quality and unique design of this SOS Fire Retardant Life jacket has meant that the Australian Navy has adopted this item as a standard for their flight deck operations.

• Consideration given to comfort and mobility. This life jacket is easily worn over a T-shirt or jacket.

• This lifejacket is designed to be housed in an around neck collar valise.

• The wearer may inflate the chamber via a CO2 gas inflator on the bottom right-hand side by pulling the toggle, or via the oral tube on the left-hand side of chamber.

• SOLAS light has been fitted and located on the front chest area. It is activated upon immersion in water and if necessary can be turned off during daylight.

• SOLAS grade reflective tape is located in a minimum of 6 places on the upper side of the buoyancy chamber.

• By using the most advanced fabric and manufacturing processes, the outer valise cover of this model is manufactured from Indura “Ultra-Soft” flame resistant fabric. This material provides a flexible and easy to wear cover that is breathable and water resistant, in all, but the most severe conditions.

• The fabric also protects the bladder against damage from flame and flash exposure, making it suitable for use in the high risk Mining and Petrochemical industries, as well as ship repair and salvage operations.

• D-ring for a 2 metre Life-Line with stainless steel waist buckle.