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SOS Police Air Wing Life Jacket SOS-6343

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Police Air Wing Inflatable PFD1 Air Crew Ditching Escape Vest Product – SOS-6343

SOS Marine has 30 years industry experience and the capacity to design-assist specialised safety equipment for the most demanding work-place requirements. The Police Aircrew Ditching Escape Vest is a highly specific PFD1, designed and manufactured to exacting customer requirements.

Air Crew Ditching Escape Vest

The vest has the two main purposes of providing the wearer an emergency air supply to escape a submerged aircraft, and a floatation device to support the wearer on the surface.

Design Features:

• Additional pockets are provided for survival and signalling items as well as a personal radio.

• External reflective lettering is provided on the front of the vest and the rear, to aid in the location and identification of a downed air crewman, as well air crew operating around or near a landed aircraft.

• Firearm holsters can also be built into the vest during manufacture.

• The jacket is fitted with a manual-inflate system, which the wearer may manually inflate the chamber via a CO² gas inflator on the bottom right-hand side by pulling on the toggle on the right-hand side.

• The inflation toggle provided on this vest uses four black 12 mm beads, to provide a non-snagging toggle with a distinctive tactile feel, to better assist operation under duress.
• The wearer can also inflate the buoyancy vest via the oral tube on the left-hand side.

• A pea-less whistle is provided for use in water.

• A SOLAS light has been fitted and is located on the front chest area. It is activated upon immersion in water and if necessary can be turned off during daylight.

• SOLAS grade reflective tape is located in a minimum of 6 places on the upper side of the buoyancy chamber.

• On the right hand side of the vest is a 0.35L, 300 Bar Aluminium Alloy compressed air bottle, with mouth piece and regulator. This provides the wearer with life saving air in the event of submersion before they can escape the aircraft.