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SOS Marine -Recovery Ladder

SOS Recovery Ladder shortlisted for award

A short list of 51 new marine products has been selected from 108 entries for the prestigious 25th Design Award METS (DAME) 2015 Dame Awards. This year The SOS Recovery Ladder has been selected among them and is the 4th safety product in recent years that has been accepted from SOS Marine to go forward to the final judging.

 “The key to the Ladder is the 4 attaching points which provide greater security and stability. It is suitable for both sail and power vessels with up to 6 foot topsides-water to gunwale.” Says spokesperson from SOS Marine.

The two-in-one-design multi-function of the SOS Recovery/Rescue Ladder performs two types of recovery using just one product. The rungs can be used as a ladder or the entire shape to horizontally lift a victim, parbuckle recovery style. This ease of use and comprehensive capabilities to save a life is why this product is a worthy candidate for the DAME award.

The “soft” design is unlike typical boarding ladders – the mesh boarding ladder with lightweight rungs won`t harm the user when the boat rolls.

SOS Marine`s develops safety and rescue equipment for 12 national defence forces worldwide.


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