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SOS Swift Water Rescue Life Jackets

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Designed for Swift Water Rescue and Naval Forces World-wide

SOS Marine has worked with the NSW SES on design and development of these purpose-designed lifejackets.SOS Marine is going as green as possible with our new design of the SOS Water Rescue Lifejackets. It is made using environmentally friendly foam, PVC free compound- ECO friendly.

In addition to reducing the environment footprint, the design incorporates a drinking bladder within the rear of the vest which allows the wearer to have access to quality drinking water while working around marine environment or in the event of a person-overboard situation.

This high visibility and close fitting vest is made of woven fabric air textured material which allows the body to breath. The outer material is water resistant and excellent for UV protection. The SOS Water Rescue Vest contains extra flotation to combat reduced buoyancy in turbulent water.

The vest has two webbing D rings permanently attached to the bottom of the lifejacket for attaching accessories with several pockets allowing rescue swimmers to safely and quickly reach victims in moving water this includes an over the shoulder cow tail aiding in self rescue.

Pockets are provided to stow first aid supplies, radio, epirb and personal items. It is fitted with a pea-less whistle.

An integrated structural harness with front and back protective plates and single piece over-the-shoulder foam design provide extra strength, structural integrity and body protection.

The SOS Vest has a heavy duty zipper fastened at the front an adjustable waist belt to provide a secure fit and prevent ride up with a quick release belt to help the rescuer to escape dangerous situations. Fast Tabs on both shoulders act as easy attachment points for accessories.