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Krill Electroluminescent Lightsticks

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The Krill Light electronic electroluminescent (EL) lightstick originated form the need for a less wasteful, more efficient replacement to chemical lightsticks. Krill Lights were put into production and the U.S. Military immediately saw the value in these marking and lighting tools. Today, the Krill Light is available in three sizes with various lighting options and colors including infra-red and strobing versions. With over 450,000 units sold, the Krill Lights are an indispensable tool for both outdoor enthusiasts and safety-minded. Krill lighting products have a one year limited warranty.

101-MK360-X-Green Micro Krill Green Lamp  6230-01-569-1943
11-K360-L-Green Krill lamp 360 L Green  6230-01-464-8069
16-K360-L-Red Krill lamP 360 L Red  6230-01-464-8078
21-K-180-L-GREEN Krill lamp 180 L Green 6230-01-464-8079
26-K180-L-Red Krill Lamp 180 L Red 6230-01-464-8297
31-K360-X-Green Krill Lamp 360 X Green 6230-01-464-8295
46-K180-X-Red Krill Lamp 180 x Red 6230-01-464-8327
631-K360-XL-Green Krill lamp Torch Green
636-K360-XL-Red Krill lamp Torch Red
37-K360-X-Infra Red Krill Lamp 360 X Infra Red 6230-01-496-1462
47-K-180-X-Infra Red Krill Lamp 180 X Infra Red 6230-01-496-1461
61-K360-L-GREEN-S Krill Lamp 360 L Green Strobe
62-K360-L-Blue-S Krill 360-L-Blue Strobe
63-K360-L-White-S Krill Lamp 360 L white strobe
64-K-360-Yellow-B Krill Lamp 360L- Yellow Strobe PENDING
65-K360-L-Orange-S Krill lamp 360 L orange strobe
66-K-360-L-Red-S Krill lamp 360L Red strobe
87-K360-X-Infra R Krill Lamp 360 X Infra Red Strobe
36-K-360-X-Red Krill Lamp 360X red 6230-01-464-8313
41-K-180-X-Green Krill Lamp 180 X green 6230-01-464-8320