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Waterproof Drop Bags For Special Forces

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SOS Water Proof Drop Bag 
Designed for Special Forces

SOS Marine is the sole manufacturer of waterproof drop-bags for the Australian Special Forces.
SOS Waterproof Drop Bag is used for the carriage of equipment where the items must be protected from water, dust or other contaminants and are delivered by air or combat swimmers.

• The drop-bag may also be used to securely carry contaminated items from an area of contamination, for disposal.

• Constructed of Hyperlon material with hand-glued, overlapped seams and a waterproof stainless-steel zipper, the drop-bag has two, side carry handles, two tie-down straps and provision for optional shoulder straps.

• An inflation/deflation valve with touch tape securing cover and a zipper-retaining clip are also fitted.

• All metal fittings are 316 stainless-steel, with optional non-reflective black oxide finish.

• All bags have an individual serial number for service and life-cycle recording and stock control.