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UDT Underwater Demolition Life Jackets SOS-9960

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SOS Marine`s UDT lifejacket is a universal device of compact and durable design.

The purpose is to provide emergency flotation for Naval Clearance divers and other divers conducting military operations.

UDT lifejackets are suitable for Underwater

Demolitions, Combat Swimming and Hydro Reconnaissance in shallow waters, both open and covert operations.

• The life jacket is carried in a convenient pouch and donned before entering the water.

• Two back and one waist strap are provided to secure the life jacket to the user and a lifting handle at the back of the buoyancy at the top.

• Operation is by a single red toggle, manual gas inflator or by oral inflation.

• A Dump valve is fitted to prevent bursting. The life jacket can be slowly deflated by the oral inflation valve, or rapid deflation by a toggle attached to the dump valve.

• Two SOLAS grade reflective strips are attached to the life Jacket using a covering flap, to maintain cover, until required.