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SOS Surf Rescue Foam Life Jackets SOS-5426

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Designed for Swift Water Rescue and Naval Forces World-wide

SOS developed this special purpose lifejacket for Surf Rescue Teams

Design features:

• ECO friendly- Our Lifejackets are made from innovated environmentally friendly foam is PVC free compound.

• High-visibility lifejacket.

The lifejacket is made of woven fabric air textured material which allows the body to breathe.

The outer material is water resistant and excellent for UV protection with;

• Adjustable in size using the adjustable straps giving a snug fit.

• Made of ultra soft foam effectively resists cold and heat.

• Zipper Number 10 heavy- duty fastened at the front and then you tightly secured to the body with two adjustable waist belts. Two webbing “D” rings permanently attached to the bottom of the lifejacket for attaching accessories.

• Each lifejacket if fitted with a pea-less whistle.

• Pockets have been provided to stow first aid supplies, radio, epirb and personal items.

• Easy to clean, resists most chemicals, petroleum products, and humidity.

• Foam is free of CFC ozone depleting materials.

• Recyclable foam.

SOS Marine is responding to the growing global concern for the environment with the development of our foam lifejackets PVC free foam. The Foam is specifically designed to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Heat stress is a medical emergency

Managing Heat Stress in workplaces
SOS Marine recognises how important it is to stay hydrated by incorporating a 3 litre water bladder into the rear pouch of the vest. This allows the wearer to have access to quality drinking water while working.

Dehydration is a main challenge faced by OH&S supervisors.

In an emergency situation, there is a quick and easy ability to immediately replenish your team’s water supply by refilling the water bladder just by lifting the outer flap-cover to refill the bladder.

This assists the carbon footprint associated withbottling and transporting plastic water bottles.