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SOS Reelsling

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SOS Marine`s REELSLING is a flotation device to assist and be part of a system for recovering persons overboard. The REELSLING features a flexible flotation collar with SOLAS reflective tape, grab handle, whistle, over 160ft (50 metres) of floating retrieval line and a PVC UV proof storage bag.


– Over 160 ft of reflective ski floating rope to assist recovery after sunset.
– SOLAS grade reflective tape allows for identification and detection at night.
– UV resistant stow bag.
– Easy to transport rinse off, dry and pack away into the stow bag provided.
– A whistle is included to help attract attention.
– A grab handle allows ease of retrieval and deployment.
– Solid stainless steel eyes for lifting crew.


A. Immediately throw Dan Buoy ( or other flotation device toward person in the water and bring boat head to wind.

B. Remove REELSLING from stowage bag and drop the sling into water behind boat, allowing it to trail astern, drawing tether line from bag

C. Sail boat in wide circle around person in water with sling and tether line trailing astern. Due to the circling procedure, the sling and/or the line should come in contact with the patient.

Once contact is made, turn boat head to wind and drop all sails. The person in the water should place the sling over their head and under arms. As boat drifts backwards, start to pull in tether line to bring person towards boat for recovery. Note: Use of the device does not guarantee the safety or rescue of the patient. Its effectiveness is considerably reduced in rough or breaking seas and surf.