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Little Ripper ULB Rescue Pods SOS-5701 (ULBs)

The Rescue Pods called (ULB`s) designed by SOS Marine-ULB stood for `you little beauty’ something would say when they see the rescue pods. They are ready-to-go for rapid deployment.
This amazing world’s first invention, developed by Little Ripper Lifesaver, consists of a small parcel (or Pod) containing water rescue and safety devices for deployment from under the Mini Ripper UAVs from operators on the beach.

From a hovering position above the person/s in distress, the UAV operator is able to use the attached microphone to calm the patient and, if needed, explain that a Pod is about to be deployed containing: a self-inflating floatation device capable of supporting 3-4 people with attached sea anchor to keep it stable; an EPIRB signaling unit to keep track of them in the event vision is lost; a shark repellent device capable of keeping sharks at bay for up to 8 hours, a whistle plus an automatic SOLAS light for night rescue, SOLAS grade high visibility retro-reflective. The lightweight Rescue Pods are reusable.

The UAV-deployable, self-inflating, water-activated floatation device is a world first and the SharkShield® is the only scientifically validated shark deterrent device available.

SOS Marine` Rescue Pod (ULB)

The Westpac Mini Ripper project is a complete package from supply of tried and tested drones, approved pilot and observer training plus supply of Rescue Pods called ULBs. SOS Marine has designed the Rescue Pods for the Westpac Mini Ripper Life Saver.

The drones are being used for observation and rescue of distressed swimmers and sailors lost at sea.

• The Marine Rescue Pod (ULBs) markers are ready for instant deployment packed into a portable valise-compact.

• When dropped from the Drone within seconds of immersion it inflates and stands 2.0 metres long.

• The Rescue Marine Pod (ULBs) inflates automatically when dropped to the person and capable of holding 3-4 persons.

• It can also combine an electromagnetic ‘Shark Shield’ deterrent device.

• SOLAS lights, SOLAS reflective tape.

• A large drogue/Sea Anchor (120cm circumference x 60 cm long) to stabilise and reduce downwind drift allowing the patient to grab and hold.

• It is reusable and replaceable only requiring a 33 gram replacement cylinder and an activation cartridge.

• The drone will provide a GPS position of the Rescue Pod.

Westpac Mini Ripper Features

An Advanced Multi-rotor UAV with Multiple Payload Options Military-standard quality.

• Anti-wing and waterproof design for working in difficult weather conditions.
• Battery powered UAV with long endurance up to 60 minutes.
• Equipped with 3-axis gimbal delivering stable 360-degree vision.
• Auto return and landing.
• Versatile payload configuration with maximum 3.5 kg capacity incorporating optional drop-mechanism and multiple camera, sensor and other payload device options.

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