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Diver Recovery Vest SOS-5251

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Search & Rescue
The combination of the high quality manufacture and the emergency situation capabilities has attracted search & rescue operations teams to use the Diver Recovery Vest for diverse operational requirements.


• The Diver Recovery Vest designed to replace several cumbersome items of diver`s equipment into one easily donned vest by combining a safety harness, quick-release weight system, buoyancy compensator and work vest into one body-hugging unit.

• A diver can step into this vest, be ready to enter the water within 2 minutes compared to 15 minutes.

• The integrated harness allows the wearer to be lowered into the water or, in the case of an emergency, to be extracted using the front or rear lifting points.

• The diver recovery vest has provided diver’s additional capability confidence and greatly improves diver safety, setting a new improved standard in diving.


Winner of the ACASPA 2008 Awards for Excellence
Winner of the IFAI 2008 International Achievement Award for Safety and Protective
Winner of the 2009 Australian Business Awards Product Innovation