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SOS PVC Waterfront Life Jacket

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These lifejackets have been proven successful in various types of industry applications such as the Australian Defence and Law Enforcements, Coast Guard, Marine Pilots, & many commercial marine groups world-wide.

The 275N version is designed for use whilst wearing special protective clothing & heavy equipment.

SOS PVC Waterfront Life Jacket Features:

• SOS Lifejacket 150N designed specifically to ensure that this lifejacket is easy to don and comfortable to wear. It is housed in an around the neck collar valise with adjustable waist belt.

• Wipe clean cover.

• SOS lifejackets have been designed with two operating systems, manual and automatic versions. Both are compatible so that you can upgrade from a manual to automatic depending upon your missions.

• Retro tape, whistle and light and crotch strap.

• A SOLAS flashing signal light has been fitted and is located on the front chest area. It is activated upon immersion in water and if necessary turned off during daylight hours.

• The waist belt construction from 50mm webbing and features a stainless steel interlocking style buckle and D ring for attaching a lifeline.

• SOLAS grade tape is located in a minimum of six (6) places on the upper side of the buoyancy chamber.

• A pea-less whistle is provided for use in water.

Complies to ISO 12402