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A spokes person from SOS Marine said “This is the market we are addressing with our 4 person life raft- being one of the smallest lightest and affordable on the market but with many features found in the larger offshore rafts”.

The Valise packed raft includes the Survival Aids- a signaling mirror, fresh water and a mini flares kit.

The Raft is designed to be easily stored being compact and weighing around 8 kilos .

Although designed for inshore and coastal conditions, the raft has 3 large ballast pockets to improve stability in rougher seas and has a thermal floor to moderate water temperature.

It has been designed for ease of operation- either giving the painter line a good tug or throw in water and it will automatically inflate similar to an auto inflate life jacket.

Maintenance costs have been considerably reduced compare to the existing life rafts costs.

Equipment includes: Sea Anchor, Knife, Air Pump, Righting strap, SOLAS reflective tape, 2 SOLAS lights, Rescue Ring and a boarding rope with buoyancy assist platform.

The Life Raft Features:

• This life raft is fitted with a secure cap to prevent unintentional inflation.
• This UML cap was designed for the UK Special Forces to protect from accidental auto inflation in a helicopter.
• SOS 4 person life raft uses the same lifejacket inflation system.
• Disposable 740 gram CO2 inflation
• Compact valise packed – 520 x340x170cm (20”x13”x7”)
• Ultra light, weighs only 8.6 kilos (19lbs) in basic fit out
• Easy Maintenance with reduced servicing costs
• Durable 210 D Nylon Fabric PU Laminated
• Easy boarding Auto-inflatable
• Water pockets, a total 165 litres of ballast water in three (3) pockets
• Roomy interior 1.4 square metres (15 square feet)
• Large Sea Anchor 400mm x 600mm
• SOLAS Reflective tape
• 2 Water activated SOLAS Lights
• Easy to handle and easy to store

Survival Assistance Aids included
(protected in waterproof bag)

• 2 Emergency space blankets – Optional Item
• Water (500Ml) – Optional Item
• Mini Flare Kit – Optional Item
• Signalling Mirror – Optional Item
• Hand/Foot Pump in water proof bag
• Bailer
• Life lines
• Floating Safety Knife
• Rescue Quoit with floating line