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Police Foam Life Jackets: SOS-5426-2

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 Jacket Features

• The vests are made for the most demanding operational requirements giving wearers excellent manoeuvrability, both in and out of the water.
• The life jacket will provide comfort and agility needed during extended period of use.
• This vest is purposely designed for simplicity and speed in donning.
• The vest is constructed using closed ceil foam. The vest has a zipper fastening at the front and is then tightly secured to the body with an adjustable waist belt.
• The buckle is a hard-plastic click locking style.
• Special pockets have been provided in the vest.

SOS Marine is responding to the growing global concern for the environment with the development of our foam life jackets using PVC free foam. This foam is specially designed to be non toxic and environmentally friendly recyclable.

As work stages evolve in a world that is becoming more mobile there is increase awareness for Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) requirements.

New Innovation of managing dehydration in the marine environment

• By incorporating a water bladder within the vest this allows the wearer to have access to quality drinking water while working or in the event of a person-overboard situation.

• Dehydration is one of the main medical emergencies confronting supervisors.

• This personal water bladder may be easily removed from the rear of the life jacket and replaced if worn by a new team member.

• This also assists the carbon footprint associated with bottling and transporting plastic water bottles.

• The foam lifejacket is made of woven fabric air textured material which allows the body to breathe. The outer material is water resistant and excellent for UV protection.

• SOLAS grade reflective is places in several places on the life jacket for high visibility.