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MTO Buoyancy Compensator and Vest SOS-5062

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Covert Tactical Underwater insertion is a difficult task at best when juggling breathing equipment, buoyancy compensator and a fighting load. SOS Marine has combined a MOLLE modular load-bearing vest with a detachable buoyancy compensator to bring divers a new level of stealth. Optimized for shallow-water, covert, re-breather operations and streamlined for insertion from small vessels and Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDV’s), the MTO quickly allows the diver to level at the chosen depth for a faster, easier ‘swim in’, then quickly discard the Re-Breather and BC while continuing on with the tactical load undisturbed. For complete flexibility, the BC can be used as a ‘stand alone’ component, with or without a re-breather. The MTO also exceeds the NATO standard for low magnetic signature equipment.

BC Features:

• Low profile bladder, capacity of 16 litres.
• 0.35 Litre, 300 Bar air cylinder.
• Buoyancy of 150 Newtons .
• Heavy duty, 1000 denier, urethane coated CorduraT and mesh construction.
• DIN fittings.
• Automatic dump valve with manual operation toggle to prevent bursting.
• Stand-Alone waist and leg securing straps.
• Mesh carry and stowage bag.

Vest Features:

• Self-draining mesh load-bearing vest with MOLLE/ PALS compatible web on front, side and rear.
• Zip-On/Zip-Off buoyancy Compensator attachment with heavy duty YKKT zip fasteners.
• Adjustable FastexT Re-Breather attachment points.
• Adjustable front and side straps with Adjustable hook and loop shoulder tabs.
• Removable rear vertical mesh cargo pocket.
• Removable rear hydration carrier with 3lt SOS Hydrapac Hands-Free Hydration System.