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Local Council Vest SOS-5198

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SOS Marine Equipment Vests: Equipment Vests for Local Councils
Load bearing equipment vests for local councils

SOS Marine has 30 years industry experience and the capacity to design-assist specialised safety equipment for the most demanding work-place requirements.

SOS Marine is designing safety equipment for the changing world

• The vest is manufactured from highly breathable, heavy duty 250D polyester – provides good ventilation to the user.

• Specific designed pouches are provided for the carriage of equipment.

• Belt loops are provided to allow the attachment of a military-style equipment belt below the vest, providing increased load capacity.

• The vests are available in small and large sizes and have sufficient adjustment to fit most users.

• Numerous strips of reflective material are fastened to the vest, providing safety and easy identification on night and low-light conditions with ID plastic pocket.

• The vest may be designed for your special requirements and available in different colours.

• The vest has a number 10 heavy duty zipper.

• Quick release key loop with eyelet.

• Includes a 3 litre drinking bladder (handsfree) in the rear of the vest.

• Weights approx 1.2kg (without water bladder).

Managing heat stress in workplace

Dehydration and heat stress is one of the main medical emergencies confronting OH& S supervisors.

• SOS Marine recognises how important it is to stay hydrated by incorporating a 3 litre water bladder into the rear of the vest.
• This allows the wearer to have access to quality drinking water while working.

In an emergency situation, there is a quick and easy ability to immediately replenish your team’s water supply by refilling the water bladder. Just lift the outer flap-cover to refill the bladder.
This simple innovation also assists the carbon footprint associated with bottling and transporting plastic water bottles.

Designed to give wearers excellent comfort and manoeuvrability- also available in FIRE RESISTANT FABRIC