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Buoyancy compensating Vest Tactical SOS-5311

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Buoyancy Compensating Vest with tactical load capacity for Maritime Tactical Operations.


Common Vest Features

• This Buoyancy Compensating Vest has been designed for tactical operations in the marine environment, using a closed circuit breathing apparatus such as the Draeger LAR 7 or similar.

• The MTO vest allows divers and combat swimmers to conduct precise insertions and infiltrations whilst carrying a fighting load.

• Transition from the swim phase to land operations is made quickly and simply by the quick-detach properties of the buoyancy compensating bladder, leaving the user with full access to the load bearing vest.

• The compensator can be just as quickly re-attached to allow the user to re-enter the water. The compensator component can also be used on its own, separate from the load bearing component.

• A multi-positional mesh pouch is provided on the rear of the MTO, for securing the Oxygen bottle for the re-breather. Two adjustable side-release buckles and a zipper fastened collar are used to attach the compensator to the load vest.

• Air to inflate the bladder is provided by a 0.35 litre compressed air bottle, attached to the bladder by DIN fittings.

• A combination manual deflation and over-pressure relief valve is fitted to the top left of the bladder. A manual inflation tube is also provided, inside a zippered compartment on the left front of the bladder.

• The load bearing vest is of all-mesh construction with two front securing side-release buckles, four side adjustment buckles and adjustable shoulder straps.

• A zippered pocket is provided on the left and right, front of the vest.

• MOLLE attachment webbing is used to secure various load pockets to the vest, allowing a number of pouches and pockets to be used.

• Pouches from the Land 125 modular load carrying equipment are compatible.

The MTO, less the re-breather, has exceptionally low magnetic signature properties as per Royal Australian Naval requirements.