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Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Life Jackets

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SOS Marine has developed specialised life jackets for the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

This PFD1 Vest is purpose designed for the requirements of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association.  The vest is housed in an around neck collar valise which is attached to the mesh vest.  The vest has a zipper fastening at the front and is then tightly secured to the body with an adjustable waist belt.  The buckle is a metal interlocking style. Pockets have been provided in the vest to house the company`s radios, personal items and a rear pocket for the S.O.S. Hydra Pac drinking system.

The jacket is fitted with a manual inflation system which is inflated via a CO2 gas inflator on the bottom right-hand side.  The wearer may also inflate the buoyancy vest via the oral tube on the left-hand side. A pe-less whistle is provided for use in water.  A SOLAS light has been fitted and is located on the front chest area.  It is activated upon immersion in water and if necessary, can be turned off during daylight.  SOLAS grad reflective tape is located in a minimum of 6places on the upper side of the buoyancy chamber.  The manual inflation model was selected in case of being trapped inside a cabin with automatic inflation.